A Review of Ramifications and Implications Associated With the Involvement of People With Mental Illnesses in the Correctional System

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This research addresses the implications associated with the involvement of people with mental illnesses in the criminal justice system. The research focuses on the characteristics and implications that are attributed as a result of dealing with people with mental illness in correctional settings. A description of the potential of the mentally ill to be involved in disturbance incidents, confrontations, and even criminal activities is also provided. The research expresses the association between mental illness and violence. The research identifies some of the challenges of managing inmates with mental health disorders in correctional facilities and emphasizes the importance of providing mental health training to correctional staff in order to improve appropriate responses to those inmates that are detained or incarcerated. The research provides a description of how the operation of correctional facilities is affected by the presence of mentally ill offenders when there is a lack of appropriate responses by correctional staff. The research describes the recommendations from the Council of State Governments (2002) regarding the need for mental health training for correctional staff. An evaluation of the recommendations is provided to identify if such suggestions are appropriate when responding to the needs and problems created by the presence of the mentally ill in the correctional system.


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