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A common issue with Toyota pickups from the 1980’s is the factory braking system is not responsive enough for the driver to properly brake during an emergency situation. The cause of the poor response in braking comes from the drum brakes that are on the rear of the vehicle. Aftermarket vendors offered disc brake conversions that change the brakes on the rear axle from drum to disc. The aftermarket brackets that are in the conversion are thick and bulky adding excess weight to the already heavy pickup. These thick brackets in the conversion do not retain the factory emergency brake which is required to maintain proper functionality. To remedy the issue, a set of brackets were designed around the use of Ford Mustang calipers and Mitsubishi Montero rotors in order to retain the factory emergency brake and to maintain the correct wheel lug pattern. In order to reduce the bulk of the brackets, stress analysis was performed on the bracket design to find the minimum allowable thickness. This was performed over multiple materials to use different thicknesses. Once a thickness was calculated for each material, it was reevaluated to ensure that the brackets would not deflect more than what the tolerance allowed. With brackets designed and built, they will be tested on the test vehicle where the deflection of the bracket will be recorded and compared to the .005” tolerance. The calculations that were performed prove the vehicle will safely stop in the specified distance of 75ft. from 40 mph.

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Spring 5-27-2015


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Toyota Disc Brake Conversion Brackets