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The ability to keep a dirt bike rider’s feet in full contact with the foot pegs at all times is something all riders’ face when riding their bike. The foot pegs that come factory and aftermarket today are universally static and non-rotational which prevent the ability for maximum contact to be maintained. During various riding positions, a rider’s foot can partially become disconnected from the peg allowing for a loss of potential control and balance/stability. The solution devised was a set of pegs that have the ability to rotate with the rider’s foot. The rotational ability of the pegs allow for the rider’s feet to stay in full contact throughout various riding positions or conditions. The pivoting peg allows for full contact with the pegs provides more stability and control over the bike which improves capabilities of balance and speed/momentum. To accomplish the pivoting, a round shaft with limiting stops was created to rotate fifteen degrees forward and backwards on the bike. Based on the design concept that was created and calculations that were done on the design, such as deflection and load bearing calculations, these pegs will easily any issues support the weight of a 185 pound rider, while still having the capability to rotate without binding. More testing of these pegs is scheduled for spring quarter 2015. From the calculations that were prepared, the pegs will pivot fifteen degrees and support the minimum weight requirement of 185 pounds.

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Spring 5-27-2015


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Pivoting Motocross Foot Pegs