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What design change to a conventional ATS Sports model drop-weight stringer can be made to decrease the stringing time for a tennis racquet? To answer this, a detailed analysis on design, manufacturability, and structural integrity was done to design a product that is manufacturable within the timeframe and produces a device which decreases the stringing time. First, an analysis on each vital component was done including the ratcheting components, pressure arm/drop mass, etc. Second, a virtual model was created with auxiliary components to test different designs. Through this analysis and the virtual model it was indicated that a duel stringing device opposed to a conventional single stringing device would meet the design requirements set forth in the project report. A more detailed design was done to the device to finalize the product for manufacturing. This included reducing the weight of the product through shelling out components and using lightweight material, reducing the cost through utilizing cheaper pre-designed material other than requesting custom designed material, modifying dimensions for the correct weight distribution, and planning for the ergonomics of use. The manufacturing process consisted of machining and 3Dprinting over 40 parts. After final assembly, modifications are again assessed to increase functionality. Testing results should demonstrate a reduction in the time needed to string a racquet by half ad produce a tension from 30-90lbs as stated in the design requirements.

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Spring 5-27-2015


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Improved Tennis Racquet Stringer