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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers holds regional student design competitions each year with both a reoccurring RC Baja competition with a new challenge course each year. This project covers the design and manufacturing of components for a radio controlled car to race in the annual ASME RC Baja competition. For this project the car was broken down into its component subsystems and divided between two partners. It was then determined which components of each respective subsystem could be purchased and which required design and manufacture within the rules set forth in the ASME Baja competition rule book. All of the parts, both to be purchased and to be manufactured, were first drawn in SolidWorks to check alignment and for ease of FE analysis before manufacturing began. Parts and systems that were designed include: chassis of the car, differential and gear train, steering system, and the suspension system. Diverse manufacturing methods were used including waterjet cutting, 3d-printing, and the use of manual mills and lathes which in the future will be converted to CNC operations for ease of manufacturing. Both hands on and computer testing thus far has shown that the car will be successful in completing the tasks that are required of it at the RC Baja competition. To conclude, after the design and manufacturing of this car was completed a functional vehicle that starts, stops, and turns without issue was successfully created and functional testing will be completed at the competition.

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Spring 5-25-2015


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ASME R/C BAJA CAR Suspension and Steering