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Snowmobile technology is constantly evolving and incorporating new ideas into products for the consumer to enjoy. After market manufactures are competing among themselves for the top position in suspension technology, yet none have broken the boundaries and really pushed to the next level, until now. The objective of this design was to provide the consumer with a lightweight and simplistic suspension system that would meet the performance demands of the consumer market. In order to meet the strength to weight ratio requirements of this design, composites were implemented to provide the necessary structural strength for the overall system. A one piece carbon fiber sub frame is the first of its kind and provides a foundation for all other components to fasten too. By replacing structural materials that were initially made from a high strength steel with a light weight carbon fiber, the weight savings are substantial and can be observed throughout the system. In order to determine the success of this design, a series of tests both on and off the vehicle were performed to accurately describe the behavior of the material under load. 3 point bending, load analysis, and weight comparison are examples of the test processes that will provide conclusive data on the overall performance of this design.

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Spring 5-27-2015


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Composite Snowmobile Suspension Assembly