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There are many situations where people could choose to ride a bicycle, whether it is to go to school, to a job, to meet with friends, or just for recreational purposes. However, once people reach their destination and have a break between their trips, they are left with a bicycle with little means of storing it while they go about their day. Some people buy a bike lock so that they can secure it in a safe location, while others may just lean it against a wall or even roll it into the building with them. However, according to FBI statistics there were about 190,703 stolen bicycles in 2013 alone and bringing the bicycle in buildings takes up space and having a kick stand does not guarantee that the bicycle will remain upright; especially if it is nudged by people who are attempting to move past because of the amount of space the bicycle takes up. Traveling is also expensive already, and for those who travel by plane may wish to take the bicycle with them and not want to rent an expensive vehicle when they reach their destination. The motivation for this project is to come up with a solution so that the bicycle is secure but also compact and small so that people can bring the bicycle on a plane as carry-on, and not be an inconvenience with the bicycle weight and size.

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Spring 4-27-2015


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