A Secondary School Handbook for the Pasco School District


G. R. Hackney

Document Type

Graduate Project

Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Dr. Robert Carlton


This project provides a program handbook to be used by the Pasco High School District in a secondary summer school program. The intent was to provide a tool to help both the school district and the director in the procedures of Pasco's Secondary Summer School. The program handbook contains necessary information, forms, processes and expectations for the program. It also provides an organizational and recording tool for the director and supervisors. It was the purpose of this study to: 1) identify the basic principles of a secondary summer school program, 2) assist the Pasco School District in planning and implementing a successful secondary summer school program, 3) develop a guide to be used by future secondary summer school directors in Pasco School District #1. In the attempt to find applicable literature pertaining to implementation of a secondary summer school, many articles were located describing the effectiveness and justification of summer schools. Literature was not available which actually dealt with setup procedures and the managing of a secondary summer school; therefore, input was obtained in the compilation of this project from several sources: (a) personal visits to the RIchland and Kennewick school districts collecting materials and discussing the administrative design of their programs, (b) meetings were also conducted with personnel who had been former Pasco Summer School Directors. It became clear in the very early stages of this project that this facet of education had been sorely neglected; thus, this handbook represents a pioneering effort to simplify the organization and operation of a summer school program.


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