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Spring 2019

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Education Specialist (Ed.S.)



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Heath Marrs

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Heidi Perez

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Richard Marsicano


The purpose of this study was to extend the existing literature concerning teacher perception of acceptability of universal screening, specifically examining the use of Curriculum Based Measurements (CBM) as a universal screening tool in reading. Eighty-three first through fifth grade teachers from Washington State participated in an online survey utilizing the Acceptability Rating Profile – Revised (APR-R), a 6-point Likert scale measuring practitioner acceptability for a tool. The APR-R was revised to reflect the use of CBM measuring Oral Reading Fluency as a universal screener with response options ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 6 (strongly agree). In the present study an average item rating of 3.5 would indicate a neutral attitude toward the measure. Teachers who participated found Curriculum Based Measurements slightly acceptable as a method for identifying at risk readers. Specifically, the average item rating was 3.66 which falls between “disagree slightly” and “agree slightly.” There were no significant differences between the ratings of teachers who chose to use this tool and those who were required to do so by school and district administrators.