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Master of Education (MEd)



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William D. Floyd

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J. Wesley Crum

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Robert B. Smawley


Educators are continually seeking ways of aiding children in preparation for their adult lives. There has been much research involving the interest and aspirations of the secondary and college student, often leaving the elementary child behind. The writer felt the need to explore the possibilities of a positive relationship between reading, vocational, academic, and extracurricular interests within the elementary grades. If a correlation could be established, this would aid the teacher in developing the necessary skills in a strong foundation for future use by the student. The three-part research hypothesis would determine (1) if a significant relationship exists between the reading interests of boys. grades two through six, and vocational, extracurricular, and academic interests; (2) if there is agreement between the grade levels within each major area; and (3) if concordance exists between the grades for the nine subgroups within each major area.