Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2020

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Cultural and Environmental Resource Management

Committee Chair

Toni Sipic

Second Committee Member

Chad Wassel

Third Committee Member

Jessica Martin


Area-wide lead-arsenate contamination stemming from the widespread use of pesticides in the early 1900s poses a serious health risk to the residents of Yakima, Washington. Soil testing for contaminants resulted in the Department of Ecology funding the remediation of 6 elementary schools in Yakima, Washington where unsafe levels of lead and arsenic were found in the topsoil. This study will evaluate the impact that these remediation projects have had on nearby real estate values through the use of GIS analysis and multivariate hedonic pricing models. We expect to find a negative price effect on real estate values following the announcement of remediation efforts and a more significant positive price effect following the completion of the remediation. These price effects will be used in conducting a cost-benefit analysis. These findings can be used by policymakers to inform decisions regarding funding for future remediation efforts