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Date of Degree Completion

Summer 1970

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Master of Education (MEd)


Health and Physical Education

Committee Chair

Everett A. Irish

Second Committee Member

Walter H. Arlt

Third Committee Member

Byron L. DeShaw


In the United States over the past few years a great number of conditioning machines have been purchased by schools, clubs, hospitals and private citizens to supplement or replace barbell weight training equipment. Some reasons given for the recent popularity of the new weight training machines over the more conventional barbells are that they: provide greater safety, save time, and do the job as well or better than conventional barbells.

Studies showing strength increase involving barbell weight training, or isotonic training, as well as those involving isometric training have been quite popular. Yet despite the many studies there appears to be a lack of information on the comparison of a barbell weight training program and a weight training program which utilizes a conditioning machine such as the universal gym.

Due to the lack of information on comparing the barbell weight training program and the conditioning machine weight training program the author believes this study will be of value as a source of information pertaining to the comparison of the similar yet different weight lifting programs.