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Date of Degree Completion

Summer 1970

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Master of Education (MEd)



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Emil E. Samuelson

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Alan R. Bergstrom

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John E. Davis


Many of the problems of an individual pupil's education can be solved through a harmonious attitude between his parents and teacher. Through this harmonious relationship, the parent can find out what the child is like at school and the teacher can find out what the child is like at home. From this composite picture, the parents and teacher can determine what the child needs, both at home and at school. However, it must be understood that good parent-teacher conferences do not just happen. As a matter of fact, the beginning teacher faces a difficult problem of communicating effectively with the parents of her children. This difficulty may arise from fear of parents or a lack of experience in dealing with them. If the conference is to be an effective means of communication between the home and the school, all teachers must overcome this fear and develop techniques for conducting effective conferences. As a beginning teacher, the writer does not feel confident that she could conduct an effective conference. Consequently this topic has been chosen in an atterrpt to develop suggestions and later to apply effective procedures for conducting parent-teacher conferences. The data for this study will come from :intensive review of recent professional publications in the Bouillon Library of Central Washington State College.