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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 1970

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



Committee Chair

Philip C. Dumas

Second Committee Member

Jared Verner

Third Committee Member

Ronald J. Boles


Curry County merits study for several reasons. Very little work has been done on its mammalian fauna resulting in a limited number of specimens. In turn there is a sparsity of literature; that written is chiefly concerned with the genera Arborimus and Phenacomys. The location of the county places it in an area of scrambled geological history resulting in a diverse mixture of faunal and floral elements. Logging, agriculture, and grazing activities have altered and continue to alter the natural habitats. These interests have permanently changed both the floristic and faunistic composition of the county.

The aims of this study are to prepare an annotated check list of the recent land mammals, exclusive of the order Chiroptera, of Curry County, Oregon; thereby drawing together all possible information concerning the mammalian fauna of the county and presenting this as a compact unit which will not only be pertinent to Curry County but will also be useful to anyone working on the mammals of a larger geographical region inclusive of the county, e.g. the mammals of Oregon.