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Summer 1971

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Herbert A. Bird

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Joseph Haruda

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John Utzinger


Some concern with music in relation to man's well-being has been evidenced throughout history. Many philosophers have acknowledged that man's ethical and emotional well-being could be influenced by music. On the other hand, other philosophers have asserted that music had no meaning outside itself and therefore could have no significant impact on man. Some philosophers went further by contemplating the sociological implications of music as it relates to man's concept of self and his cognitive reality. This study is the outgrowth of a response to Nietzsche's cormient that "Life without music would be a mistake" (Nietzsche 81 :6 Vol. 16). It is an attempt to examine the writings of philosophers from ancient to modern times regarding the value of music and its relevance to man's existence.