Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Summer 1971

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Fine Arts

Committee Chair

Margaret Ahrens Sahlstrand

Second Committee Member

Michael Whitley

Third Committee Member

Donald Tompkins


This study was concerned with social conunent and the intensity of emotional expression. The work was not intended to be a sociological study with illustrations, nor as an over-literate approach to art, but rather as a study of fine art problems. The problems and questions raised were as follows: (1) How are contradictions resolved when strict definitions of fine art and caricature are combined in drawing? (2) How are surrealist and conceptual processes integrated with biomorphic and mechanical forms? (2) What are the possible symbols and techniques for expressing ideas and emotions about the "mechano-organic" theme? This study was intended to help beginning art students develop a sense of draftsmanship, and to expose them to diverse sources for content statements. The thought processes, techniques and personal experiences, which were sources for these drawings could serve as departure points for students to generate original ideas, especially for satirical drawing. As an adjunct to this study one was able to expand the creative and technical aspects of drawing in a neosatirical mode of expression.