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Summer 1971

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Robert M. Panerio

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Paul Creston

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A. Bert Christianson


Wind ensemble performers have had to rely on transcribed music for their repertoire since the earliest days of the eleventh century. The situation showed little change through the nineteenth century as composers of the stature of Cesar A. Franck continued to demonstrate their disregard for the medium. However, the advent of the public school band has provided the economic stimulus necessary to attract the efforts of major modern composers. Though this trend satisfies the need for contemporary wind-band music, transcriptions continue to serve as a major means of teaching music history. The transcription of Piece Heroique for wind-band provides an exposure to the music of Cesar Franck otherwise not possible for many people. Because this transcription presents the music of Cesar Franck to these people, the transcriber has striven to reproduce the original organ sounds through careful study of the instrument, its construction, its method of tone production, its timbres and its affinity with wind-band music. However, certain changes are made for effect in the new medium.



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