Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Summer 1971

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Fine Arts

Committee Chair

Margaret Sahlstrand

Second Committee Member

Frank Bach

Third Committee Member

Stephen Bayless


This thesis is devoted only to that work considered completely investigated: a portrait/figure series of seven paintings. In addition, the series of works with which this thesis is devoted essentially follow this format: large areas of architectural space and color versus a natural object- -a portrait figure. A play or conflict was set up between these two things; the success of the play determined the success of the painting. The factors used to judge success are basically those classical rules of composition dealing with balance: visual weight of areas, complexity, and color. The only areas manipulated were: (1) shape of architectual areas, (2) size and multiplicity of architectual areas, (3) color, and (4) placement of naturalistic figure(s).