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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2007

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Master of Science (MS)



Committee Chair

Megan Matheson

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Terry L. DeVietti

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Wendy Williams


The effects of providing participants with educational information on enrichment as measured by the looking time at and ratings of zoo photographs were examined. One hundred and seventeen participants viewed photographs of zoo exhibits, 10 from each of the following categories: artificial exhibit with artificial enrichment, artificial exhibit with naturalistic enrichment, naturalistic exhibit with naturalistic enrichment, and naturalistic exhibit with artificial enrichment. Participants rated the photographs on exhibit aesthetic appeal, perceived animal happiness, and effectiveness of the enrichment. Pre- and posttest ratings of the importance of zoo roles were also collected. Results showed support for the hypothesis that participants provided with information on enrichment rated photographs more positively overall as compared to participants provided with neutral information. Implications for zoo educational and enrichment programs are discussed.