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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2022

Degree Name

Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA)



Committee Chair

Han Donker

Second Committee Member

Fabio Ambrosio

Third Committee Member

Toni Sipic


In this study I examine the corporate values of tribally owned companies in Washington State and compare them with non-native businesses in the same or similar industries. The research objective is to examine the ways in which Washington native businesses integrate native cultural values into their mission and corporate structure. I have developed keywords that follow the themes of spiritual/societal, community, and environmental, and I found that tribally owned companies include these keywords more frequently than non-tribally owned companies. This integration of cultural values, stated corporate mission, and corporate structure, is an area of potential superior performance compared to alternative models, reflecting the degree to which Washington native businesses are in harmony with, and reflect in their organizational structures and native community values. I examined how these corporations help native people and preserve their cultural values and beliefs. I also found that gender diversity is greater in tribally owned companies than in those that are not tribally owned. I concluded that the cultural values of Native American tribes in Washington state lead to greater gender diversity within companies owned by Washington state tribes than by non-tribally owned companies.