Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Summer 2022

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Experimental Psychology

Committee Chair

Susan Lonborg

Second Committee Member

Kara Gabriel

Third Committee Member

Tonya Buchanan


Anxiety disorders have been researched primarily in cisgender populations until very recently. A clear gap in the literature exists for gender diverse individuals in this research. Through analysis of transgender and gender-diverse individuals’ accounts of their experiences with social anxiety, this study developed a scale specifically aligned with these encounters, titled the Allen Scale. Further, this study examined whether body dysmorphia symptoms have any correlation with social anxiety symptoms in either gender-diverse or cisgender populations. Results uncovered no clear statistical difference between the gender diverse group and the cisgender group on ratings of experienced discrimination, social anxiety or body dysmorphia as they were measured on the Allen Scale. There was no relationship uncovered between the body dysmorphia and social anxiety sections of the Allen Scale in this sample. There was also no relationship between the previously established scales relating to body dysmorphia and social anxiety. Further research should examine the relationship between body dysmorphia and social anxiety more in depth. Additionally, research should continue to examine the impact that certain types of experienced discrimination have on the health and well-being of gender minorities.