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Cultural and Environmental Resource Management

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Karl Lilquist


Managing prehistoric archaeological properties at Mount Rainier National Park (MORA) is challenging. The prehistoric archaeological record is not well known, a myriad of geomorphologic processes are at work from minute to catastrophic, and until recently, archaeologists largely ignored stratovolcanoes in the Pacific Northwest. They, therefore, lack the local and regional contexts to evaluate many kinds of prehistoric archaeological properties at MORA in terms of their data potential.

Once thought to be of scarce data potential (cf. Boxberger 1998; Burtchard 1998; Daugherty 1963; Grabert and Pint 1978; Mierendorf et al. 1998; Smith 1964a; Zweifel and Reid 1991), the montane environments of stratovolcanoes such as Mount Rainier (Figures 1.1 and 1.2) have become the focal points of detailed research concerning Holocene epoch subsistence and settlement systems in the Pacific Northwest ( e.g., Burtchard 1990, 1998; Dampf 2002; Mack 1989; Markos 1990; McClure 1989; Mierendorf 1986; Mierendorf et al. 1998; Miss and Nelson 1995; Zweifel and Reid 1991).


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