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Date of Degree Completion

Summer 2015

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Applied Behavior Analysis

Committee Chair

Wendy Williams

Second Committee Member

Libby Street

Third Committee Member

Sadie Lovett


There are many programs that are designed to teach children safety skills. Skills such as gun safety, first aid, and abduction prevention have all been taught using a method called Behavioral Skills Training (BST). However, BST only teaches a few children at a time and is often taught by an expert. This study aimed to test whether young children (5 year olds) can learn from older peer trainers (11 & 12 year olds) who have been taught to use BST. The safety skill targeted for the current study was the behavior of seeking help when lost in a store because the use of peer training has not yet been studied in terms of teaching this skill. Two young learners and two trainers participated in the study. The results of varied: one learner supported the hypothesis, while the other learner’s performance did not meet the required criteria. Future research should include more research participants, a larger variety of safety skills, and improved efforts in recruiting.