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Date of Degree Completion

Fall 2015

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



Committee Chair

Rebecca Pearson

Second Committee Member

David L. Gee

Third Committee Member

Nicole Stendell-Hollis

Fourth Committee Member

Dana Ogan


Trends in qualitative community nutrition research demonstrate a powerful, emerging perspective in the midst of a field historically dominated by quantitative methods of inquiry. For this qualitative study, ten key respondents were purposively selected and interviewed using the Community Readiness Model (CRM) to capture community knowledge of food insecurity issues and strategies. Data were analyzed using anchored rating scales, revealing readiness at a stage three, characterized by a vague awareness of local food insecurity. The purpose of this study is to report on the strengths and challenges of the CRM experienced when utilizing the model to address food insecurity. The data gathered will add to the literature on how this model can function to support community nutrition interventions.