Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Fall 2015

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Resource Management

Committee Chair

Patrick M. Lubinski

Second Committee Member

Megan Partlow

Third Committee Member

Christopher Donta

Fourth Committee Member

Joseph Lorenz


This thesis involved the initial analysis of fauna recovered in 1989 by Christopher Donta at the Monashka Bay site on Kodiak Island. Analysis included all vertebrate remains (n = 36,273) larger than 1/8” from bulk samples collected in Area 3, a midden dating AD 1550-1670 during the site’s Koniag occupation. Results indicated a focus on cod (68% of fish identified to order), with modest amounts of sculpin, and small amounts of flatfish, salmon, herring, bird, and sea mammal. The predominance of cod is likewise seen at other Koniag-era sites in the vicinity, though the lack of salmon, which composed 2% of fish remains identified to order or better, is unique to Monashka Bay. This project was undertaken to ascertain patterns in resource use at the site, allow comparisons with other Kodiak sites, and contribute to an article reporting findings of the 1989 investigations at Monashka Bay.