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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2016

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Education Specialist (Ed.S.)



Committee Chair

Terrence J. Schwartz

Second Committee Member

Heath Marrs

Third Committee Member

Susan Lonborg


This study investigated how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), current college student hassles, and perceived social support relate to college student resilience. This study also explored how ACEs, current college student hassles, perceived social support, and resilience relate to college student mental health. A sample of 507 students from a public university in Washington State completed an online study which consisted of surveys operationalizing each variable. The results showed that current college student hassles and perceived social support significantly predicted resilience. Current college student hassles, resilience, and perceived social support also significantly predicted mental health. The study revealed that ACEs had no significant prediction for either resilience or mental health. These findings are discussed in light of previous research. Implications for future research and intervention ideas are also discussed.