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Date of Degree Completion

Winter 2017

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Master of Science (MS)



Committee Chair

Nicole Stendell-Hollis

Second Committee Member

Dana Ogan

Third Committee Member

Timothy Englund


Farm to School (F2S) programs claim to increase fruit/vegetable consumption and promote healthy, lifelong food/beverage choices. Both of which are identified strategies in the prevention of childhood obesity. Long-term effects of F2S programs are largely unexplored. This cross-sectional study matched ten schools, five with F2S, and five with a traditional National School Breakfast Program (NSBP). Third- and fourth-grade students (n=1031) were recruited for study participation to assess the effects of regular breakfast consumption and participation in F2S programs on body mass index (BMI). Demographic data, anthropometric data, and frequency of breakfast participation were collected. Additionally, BMI and frequency of breakfast consumption over a ten-day period, excluding non-school days, was stratified by frequent eaters (7-10), occasional eaters (3-6), and skippers (0-2) were collected. Results showed no significant difference in BMI-for-age between F2S and traditional NSBP. This data suggests that in this population regular breakfast consumption was not correlated with BMI or BMI-for-age.