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It is well documented that vitamin D and DHA have antiproliferative effects on a variety of human cancers, including breast cancer. Studies have shown that a combination approach to cancer treatment is more effective than any one treatment administered alone. In this study, human mammary epithelial cells from the MCF-7 cell line were treated with 25 μM DHA, 1 μM calcitriol, and 15 μM 5-Fluorourocil alone and in multiple combinations for 72 hours. Both DHA and 5-Fluorouracil slowed growth significantly (p < 0.05). In contrast, vitamin D did not inhibit cell growth at 1 μM. The combination of vitamin D and DHA inhibited cell growth slightly more than DHA alone. Interestingly, DHA was just as effective as 5-Fluorouracil at inhibiting cell growth. These results suggest that DHA may be just as efficacious as 5-Fluorouracil in slowing breast cancer progression and therefore may suggest a dietary approach to breast cancer treatment with low toxicity.