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Date of Degree Completion

Summer 2017

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Master of Arts in Education (MEd)


Special Education

Committee Chair

Janet Spybrook

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Mark Oursland

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Kelly Benson


With new state assessment requirements for high school graduation, teachers are focusing on different strategies to assist students to achieve those goals. Many teachers state that students who complete homework perform better academically. The current study analyzed whether homework planners (trackers) had any positive effect on the academic performance of 16 seventh grade students in a very small and rural school district. This was a mixed study (quantitative and qualitative). Students’ grades, district assessments, state assessments, and teacher surveys were analyzed. The results showed that students improved their math and English Language Arts (ELA) district assessment scores when compared from fall to spring of the 2016-2017 school year. The results also showed that students that turned in homework trackers more than 40% of the time had higher math district and state assessment scores than those with less than 40%. Students that had a higher homework tracker completion rate, also had the highest math and ELA state assessment scores. When looking at all the data, the results added to the existing literature knowledge that homework trackers does positively affect students’ academic performance.