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Date of Degree Completion

Winter 2018

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Cultural and Environmental Resource Management

Committee Chair

Patrick M. Lubinski

Second Committee Member

Steven Hackenberger

Third Committee Member

Sara Boyko


Rock features are human-made rock structures, often created by native peoples in the past and currently recorded as archaeological sites. In the Upper Klamath Basin of Oregon/California, these features are often difficult to identify. As a result, some features are left unrecorded and unprotected from land management activities. To help protect these sites, a rock feature recordation system was developed, formatted to help archaeologists identify, classify, determine an origin, and assign a general age to rock features discovered in the field. This guide includes a series of dichotomous keys and recordation forms, supplemented with original illustrations and contextual data gathered from pertinent resources. The system was tested at archaeological site 35KL3751, located in southern Oregon. Forty rock formations were tested, identifying 34 archaeological rock features, 1 recently constructed rock feature, and 5 naturally occurring rock formations. Edits to the field guide were made in light of issues encountered during testing.