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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2018

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Master of Science (MS)



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Nicole Stendell-Hollis

Second Committee Member

Dana Ogan

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Tishra Beeson


Purpose:The purpose of this pilot intervention study was to provide farmers market (FM) education coupled with FM voucher to assess FM awareness, attendance, and voucher use. Methods:Kindergarten through 3rdgrade students attending a summer school program participated in this three-week FM pilot intervention study. A pre/post intervention questionnaire was distributed to students to assess FM awareness and attendance. In addition, an $8 FM voucher was provided to children for purchases of fruit and vegetables at the local FM. The voucher was valid for two weeks and fruit and vegetable purchases were recorded each week. Results:This study reported improved FM awareness among K-3rdgrade students at a statistically significant level post intervention (p=0.005). Of the 75 students who received certificates, 21 students (28%) validated their certificate at the FM for an $8 voucher. Due to small sample size, FM attendance and voucher use could not be determined significant. Conclusion:Participation in a FM education intervention improved FM awareness among K-3rdgrade students. The strongest improvements in FM awareness, attendance, and voucher use were observed in 2ndgrade students. Future Implications:This pilot study provided results that can guide future research in this area targeting specifically children.