Stockton University was one of over 50 Colleges and Universities across the nation to participate in a study sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control to gauge compliance with mask wearing during the Spring 2021 semester. Five undergraduate Public Health students supervised by a Public Health Faculty member, observed mask wearing behaviors of individuals on campus over an 8-week period of time. Observations ranged from 40-90 minutes at various times of day and at 15 different locations on campus. During that time there were a total of 2,548 observations, of which 2,357 people were wearing masks. Of that group, 92.5%, were wearing the mask correctly. Other variables that were observed and recorded were type of mask and how masks were worn incorrectly along with possible explanations for this mistake. Results indicate the most common type of mask was cloth, with more than half (54%), while the most common mistake was not covering the nose. Although observers were unable to determine the exact reason, the following were observed for those not wearing masks from most to least: eating / drinking, then, outdoors / not within 6 ft of anyone, and finally exercise / playing a sport. Lastly, Stockton’s results are compared to all institutions that participated in the study.

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