The aim of this artwork was to showcase the architectural, artistic, and natural beauty of New York City. The first photograph, the Empire State Building, is the iconic symbol of New York City. The building’s majestic form and tall stature rises above the city, representing the will of New Yorkers. The American flags waving proudly illustrate the perseverance of the American people to rise above all obstacles and succeed. Times Square, the iconic location that gives New York City the nickname of “the City that never sleeps”, is active 24/7 and highlights the City’s top entertainment attractions. The brightness of the displays illustrates that, despite darkness, New York City will always find light. Fifth Avenue is one of the most famous streets in the City and exhibits the work of the world’s most famous fashion designers and sets the newest trends in fashion. The photograph, Winter Wonderland in Prospect Park, shows two leafless trees standing tall in a barren wintry land. Yet, no matter how bleak the situation may be, these trees are inspired by the eternal warmth of the sun and symbolize the old adage “light at the end of the tunnel” that provides hope that life will soon restart and that these trees, too, will grow new leaves. Winter on the Lake displays the perseverance of natural beauty to resist the oracle of death that is typically associated with winter. These flowers are still breathing and blossoming and refuse to lose their glare despite the cold weather and gusty winds. The Beautiful Bird symbolizes the ever-lasting battle between good and evil, where the black spots represent evil and the white feathers represent good. The bird stands tall in a white winter wonderland and graces the world with its majestic presence to remind humanity that the battle is still far from over. The greater number of white feathers indicates that hope will always exist despite the seeming bleakness of a situation. Autumn Happiness shows the resilient nature of this lone flower and showcases its majestic beauty before nature, in the face of the changing climate that is ready to bring a halt to life. The white building in the background, surrounded by blue skies, symbolizes an impenetrable wall of strength illustrating the power of unity and support for peace and friendship between peoples and nations.Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Karen Kernan, MA

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