Over the past century, the globe’s temperature has been increasing at a higher rate than in the past. Over the last century increasing temperature is due to higher levels of human-generated greenhouse gases. Global warming has a dominating effect and will cause changes in climates all over the world. Since 1895 air temperature data have been collected from stations across the United States and the data have been aggregated in the U.S. Historical Climatological Network (USHCN) data set with temperatures for the New England states. To determine if there has been a change in temperature in New England between the years 1895 until 2012, we calculated the USHCN data into annual, seasonal annual, decadal, and seasonal decadal anomalies for each state and New England as a whole. We then analyzed the anomalies using temperature change measurements. The decadal and annual temperature change values for each state were mapped so the data could be spatial analyzed. We also compare temperature change in New England to Global and Northern Hemisphere (44°N to 64°N) change. We did this by comparing the USHCN data to the Goddard Institute Space Studies (GISS) Surface Temperature Analysis (GISTEMP) data set.Faculty Sponsor: Stephen Young

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