Ancient Whispers, Songs of Persia I


Ancient Whispers, Songs of Persia I

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Ancient Whispers, Songs of Persia I, contains Persian songs written and performed by Dr. Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani and Ms. Nooshafarin, with music composition by Saeed Shahram. Kaviani is an educator at Central Washington University, an author, poet, singer, and cultural diversity trainer. Through this music, Kaviani aims to introduce people to Iranian traditions that Zoroastrians have kept alive while providing Iranians the opportunity to reconnect with their cultural roots. This gift of cultural song is dedicated to all who appreciate the Iranian culture of peace, justice, and prosperity for all.

The cover image (designed by Suzanne Gard) shows fire altars near Takht-e Jamsheed, Shiraz, Iran. These altars represent the five types of fires historically acknowledged by Iranians: The great useful fire (used for cooking and keeping homes warm); the fire/energy that keeps human and animal bodies warm; the fire/energy that exist in wood products, plants, and all things that grow; electricity that is generated in the clouds; and Sepeenesht, a special fire that is heavenly (in the House of Songs and Worship) and generates light but does not burn.

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Ancient Whispers, Songs of Persia I