Jashn-e Khordaadgaan

Jashn-e Khordaadgaan

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Jashn-e Khordaadgaan or Khordadgan (جشن خردادگان) is about celebrating and honoring water. Khordaad or Khordad is the third month in the Iranian calendar and the name of the fifth Holy Immortal. Holy Immortals are more powerful than the Guardians. They all have different strengths and qualities. Khordaad Amshaaspand (خرداد امشاسپند) has three helpers (Farvardeen فروردین = The Energy of Progress and movement of lifeنیروی پیشرفت و نیرویی که هستی را به جنبش آورد ; Teshtar تشتر = Rain Starستاره باران ; Baad باد = Wind and its various manifestations that include (1) the loud inspiring voices that give the brave the courage to move forward and continue the fight, (2) the loud shouts given out when in need, (3) the loud voices that indicate the arrival of the much needed help, (4) breathing, (5) the wind that brings the rain clouds over to deposit their water on land, etc.) that ensure the water gets to all corners of the earth to quench the thirst of all living creatures. This festival shows the importance of water in our world and the perennial nature of the struggle between drought and rain. As the competition for this scarce resource heats up, we all need to do our part to honor, preserve, and protect this valuable resource.

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Jashn-e Khordaadgaan