Cultural Conversations with Xiaoyin Zhong

Cultural Conversations with Xiaoyin Zhong




Xiaoyin Zhong

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Zhong, Xiaoyin is the Chinese language and culture Instructor and Alumni Engagement/Relations Coordinator for the College of Education and Professional Studies at Central Washington University. Originally hailing from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, a city with a subtropical climate known for its friendliness and tolerance, Xiaoyin is proud to call it home. Guangzhou serves as China's southern gateway to the world and has long been renowned as a culinary capital. Growing up in this vibrant place instilled in Xiaoyin a deep passion for both food and the exploration of Chinese culture. She cherishes her roles as a teacher and a chef equally. From a young age, she aspired to become a dedicated educator. To achieve her dream, she invested seven years in rigorous training at a normal school and college in China, honing effective teaching methods for students of all ages. Her training focused on language teaching, encompassing both English and Chinese language and literature education. In retrospect, this education laid a robust foundation for her current role as a Chinese language instructor in the United States. As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Moreover, she serves as the Alumni Engagement/Relations Coordinator for the College of Education and Professional Studies and feels honored to contribute to this work. In addition to her two roles at CWU, Xiaoyin is deeply committed to community service, considering it a vital aspect of her life. During her twelve years as a stay-at-home wife, she continued to engage in community outreach. She generously offered free Chinese language classes at the local church's Chinese school, organized Chinese culture study groups within the community, and even worked as a chef at a senior center. While some might say she's constantly busy, she would argue that she lives every day to its fullest, embracing a fulfilling and purposeful life. She is immensely grateful for these diverse experiences, as they have enriched her life, introduced her to a wide range of people and cultures, and allowed her to inspire and provide warmth to those around her. Most importantly, they have set a positive example for her children.


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Cultural Conversations with Xiaoyin Zhong