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Academic libraries are beginning to devote more resources to library outreach as a means of conveying the unit’s relevancy to its campus constituents. Various methods of outreach include student engagement activities, embedded librarian liaisons within campus-wide departments, community programming, often in partnership with other campus units, and increased library instruction in University 101 courses. How effective are these methods of heightening the library’s campus profile? Does the return on investment warrant the resources expended on these programs? This study investigates campus perceptions of the target library. Since instituting its formal embedded librarian program in 2013, hiring two tenure-track faculty specializing in instruction coordination (2014) and student engagement/community outreach (2015), and launching a branding and social media campaign, how have perceptions of the library and its services changed? Methods used for assessing perceptions of students, faculty, and other library stakeholders include a survey of faculty, staff, and administrators, and informal feedback avenues.


Journal of the Library Administration and Management Section

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