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A decade ago, libraries began to reimagine their roles from traditional institutions of knowledge storehouses and repositories to social organisms of growth. With the advent of social media and an ever-increasing demand for information, today’s users request more flexible spaces for a variety of uses including the traditional library, but also for e-government services, information literacy education, social liaisons, gaming, safe and neutral spaces for all kinds of public discourse and a host of other societal projects for all ages. An outstanding study of the library as place was captured a decade ago by John Buschman and Gloria Leckie.[i]

This chapter discusses how a depository librarian, administrator, and a lover of libraries reimagines the library space as a service point to become the community center with the lens of a depository collection

[i] John E. Buschman. The Library as Place. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2007.


Includes illustrations, planning document, and best practices

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Sample project plan

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Best practices