Francis and Matt (Tobby) Stermetz Interview


Francis and Matt (Tobby) Stermetz Interview

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Krueger, Frederick


Suncadia (Resort), Suncadia Fund for Community Enhancement


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Francis Stermetz discusses her Lithuanian roots and life in Roslyn, Washington. She talks about attending Hazelwood School (graduated 1934), about family traditions, household chores, and her work as a cook for the local coal miners' hospital. She explains the impact of Prohibition, World War II, the Great Depression, and local mine strikes.

Matt (Tobby) Stermetz talks about his family's background in Arkansas, where his father mined coal. He describes their move to Roslyn, Washington, where he worked 36 years in coal mining. He talks about loading and cutting coal in the Northwestern Improvement Company No. 9 Mine. He describes working conditions, and technology in the mines, as well as the impact of mine closure in 1963. He talks about local recreation, including Austrian and Slovenska lodges, hunting, fishing, and baseball.

The cover image shows the Roslyn Baseball Club, circa 1940.

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Oral history, Coal mining, Roslyn (Wash.), Immigrants--United States--History


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Francis and Matt (Tobby) Stermetz Interview