Arthur (Art) Darby Interview


Arthur (Art) Darby Interview


Arthur Darby
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Krueger, Frederick


Suncadia (Resort), Suncadia Fund for Community Enhancement


Download Photo of Ellis Blanchard (Darby) at Patrick's Mine above Ronald, circa late 1930s. Ellis is returning from his oiling of the rope rollers outside the mine. He also was in charge of oiling the rollers inside the mine. With no hat on, he is working outside the mine when this picture was taken (706 KB)

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Arthur (Art) Darby talks about his family members (James Darby, Ellis Blanchard, Emma Civil) and their move to Roslyn, Washington. He talks about family work in the Roslyn coal mines (particularly Patrick's Mine), recreation, holidays, lodges, businesses, and education in Roslyn. He describes the effect of Prohibition, the Great Depression, and the New Deal in Roslyn, as well as mine strikes and explosions. He describes his own work in the No. 3 Mine, including mining methods, safety, labor unions, and operations at the Northwestern Improvement Company (NWI).

The cover image depicts a mine rescue team consisting of volunteers in training behind the NWI offices in Roslyn, circa 1940s. Art Darby is the second from the right. All the volunteers were training in the use of the Dregger breathing apparatus.

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Oral history, Coal mining, Roslyn (Wash.)


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Arthur (Art) Darby Interview