Morris Jenkins Interview


Morris Jenkins Interview


Morris Jenkins

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Suncadia (Resort), Suncadia Fund for Community Enhancement


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Morris Jenkins (1908-2006) was one of nine children born to Byron and Mary Jenkins in Lucille, Idaho. Following a family tragedy, he was raised in foster care and received his education at Sandpoint, Idaho. In 1929, he migrated to upper Kittitas County, where he began working for the Forest Service and Northern Pacific Railroad's Land Division.

Jenkins spoke about his life in three interviews which took place in 1981, 1984, and 2000 (to listen, click on "Link to Audio/Video File"). In these interviews, Jenkins talks about his home in Easton, Washington, and about communications, trapping, and recreation in the area. He discusses resorts, hot springs, Indian trails, camp sites, the Northern Pacific Railroad, logging, and dam construction.

The cover image shows Jenkins wiring phone lines at Big Creek in upper Kittitas County, circa 1930. For more about Morris Jenkins, please see the Morris Jenkins Collection at the CWU Archives.

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February 2, 1981, March 28, 1984, July 31, 2000


Oral history, Easton (Wash.), Recreation--Washington (State), U.S. Forest Service, Northern Pacific Railroad Company


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Morris Jenkins Interview