Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2020

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Fine Arts

Committee Chair

Justin Beckman

Second Committee Member

Matthew Martinson


A brand’s image, its identity, is established through what the brand is, what it does, where it is going, and how it is unique. The representation of a brand’s identity materializes through the messaging, images, graphics, colors, and typography associated with it. Brand manuals are designed to establish and maintain both the consistency and flexibility of the brand identity.

This manual outlines the visual and verbal applications that currently embody the Viseral Projects brand across the multimedia environment. It includes information outlining the Viseral brand story, identity system,

platforms, and examples of executions. It has been constructed with the anticipation to update guidelines to match the evolution of these elements.

Viseral Projects is a multifaceted creative endeavor that pulls from a wide range of disciplines including, but not limited to art, design, aesthetics, commerce, marketing, and philosophy.