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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2020

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science



Committee Chair

Alison G. Scoville

Second Committee Member

Gerald Scoville


Central Washington University’s Engelhorn Pond contains important habitats for many organisms, particularly migratory birds, and is a valuable resource for students. However, little information is available about the wildlife inhabiting the pond. The pond’s discrete location means that many people are unaware of its existence. In addition, the pond is threatened by a number of anthropogenic sources, including chemical runoff, garbage, and feral cats. By using point counts, a common ornithological survey technique, I recorded the bird species present at the pond during all seasons of the year. I collected data using point counts during 13 visits from June of 2019 to March of 2020. I made 16 additional visits to the pond to take photographs and make observations from April of 2019 to February of 2020. I found that 67 bird species were present at Engelhorn Pond. During my surveys, I took photographs and created sketches, which I used to compile a field guide for the public to use. This guide will serve as an important resource for students, teachers, and other pond visitors. My goal is for this guide to raise awareness of the pond and increase the number of visitors to this hidden gem. In addition, I hope that my project will spur more effective management and conservation practices at the pond.

Kiana Rose - Field Guide to the Birds of Engelhorn Pond.pdf (17886 kB)
Field Guide to the Birds of Engelhorn Pond