Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2016

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Family and Consumer Sciences

Committee Chair

Andrea Eklund

Second Committee Member

Katie Boswell


In this research project, I attempted to discover what difference does color make on the perception of the face. I examined the effects of cosmetics on the appearance of the face using color theory. Three models were used for this project. Consultations were held with each model to discuss their previous experience with different types/colors of products, looks they would like to try, and any previous reactions to products. The same three makeup looks were applied on each model and analyzed for what was successful and unsuccessful. Areas that were examined are model’s skin tones, eye color, eye shape, and face shape. After each of these looks was applied and photographed, an individualized look was done on each model. This look was created from the information gathered during the consultation. Each of the four looks was photographed from different angles on each model. These photos are what were then analyzed. The analysis was conducted by comparing and contrasting the three looks that were applied to all models, then each customized look was evaluated for its individual aspects. Analysis was shared with each of the three models.

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Photography Commons