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Spring 2018

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Bachelor of Arts



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Judy Beard

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Gabrielle McNeillie


Elementary students spend most of their day sitting, learning in passive ways, resulting in a lack of physical activity and creativity. By utilizing dance education in the curricula, students are provided opportunities to be physically active and creative throughout the school day. When students are active and using their creative minds, they can learn and perform better on academic tasks. This second-grade curriculum provides students with more active movement throughout the school day, in addition to employing their creative abilities. The curriculum was created based on current research on the benefits of physical education and dance in the elementary classroom setting; specifically, in the areas of academics, cognition, behavior, and inclusion for all students. Through integrating dance into core academic subjects, students gain the benefits from being physically active and creative, in addition to increased positive academic performance. Students need to be active and creative throughout the school day, which will result in increased academic performance, positive behavior in the classroom, and fosters a cooperative group work environment, all of which will help students be successful.