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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2019


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Dr. Craig Johnson

Second Committee Member

Dr. John Choi

Third Committee Member

Professor Charles Pringle


How can composites be recycled? The Composite Recycler is an ongoing project that started in September 2017. The purpose of this project was to create a machine that will delaminate the composites, cut them, and heat them up to separate the resin from the composites so they can be recycled. A group was put together for the 2018-2019 academic year to further the project as a whole improve the operation of the device. The existing base was used as well as the cutter and the power sources. The upgrades included; a housing to support the transport rollers and changing from a cam to a ram for delamination. The housing was designed to hold all the parts needed to contain and support the transport rollers as well as provide pressure on the composites as they travel through the rollers. The rollers were made with grooves for more grip on the composites. The ram will press on the composites to delaminate them. The group worked together to make sure the design fit within one another’s drawings using Solidworks. Throughout the manufacturing process there were modifications made to benefit the design and help the composites move smoothly through the recycler. With the finished product, the machine should run smoothly and delaminate the composites as intended to. Testing showed that the spring force on the shafts makes contact with the composite material allowing enough grip force for no slippage.