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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2020


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Dr. Craig Johnson

Second Committee Member

Professor Charles Pringle

Third Committee Member

Professor John Choi


Structural design is one of many important aspects in mechanical engineering. Newly discovered composites are making their way into the engineering world. These materials have certain properties which need to be tested in several ways before they can be put to application. One of such tests include the four-point bend test. The fixtures that can be purchased currently can be expensive, typically ranging from $700-$1,000. The University has been struggling to afford commercial jig at this cost and would be helpful if one were available. The device consists of a 6061-aluminum base making it light, cheap, and faster to manufacture than other alternatives. The base secures to the Instron with pins, making it a quick process. The 4 contact points are made from A-36 steel which can be easily assembled to the base with a socket head screw. The device was thoroughly analyzed beforehand to withstand a maximum load of 1000 lbf, which easily met that requirement. Upon project completion the device total cost totaled to $246, or much cheaper than what is available for purchase. Testing will consist of assembling the fixture and installing it onto the Instron. As well as performing a four-point bend test on a known material such as aluminum to see the difference in percent error between actual bending stress and experimental.