Project Title

Tensile Specimen Punch

Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2020


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Dr. Craig Johnson

Second Committee Member

Professor Roger Beardsley

Third Committee Member

Professor Charles Pringle


There is a significant demand of tensile specimen for the students in MET 426 Lab. The solution would be to facilitate specimen production in the lab. This project designed a punch and die to take raw sheet material and produce some tensile specimens. The project was conceived, analyzed, and designed at the Central Washington University (CWU) Mechanical Engineering Technology department. Working within the constraints of our university resource, all the parts were made in the CWU machine shop. This project includes the base, that holds the specimen in place, and the punch, that will remove the material. Two dies and two springs will be placed right in the middle of the base to help push the punch back to the first position. Threaded fasteners were used to hold the punch housing in place and to avoid oscillating. The punch housing will support the punch, keep it stable, and aligned with the die. This project will be complete when the punch and die can be mounted to the arbor, the specimen can be supported on the base, and the punch can remove the desired material. Testing produced tensile specimens meeting the requirements of the project. The result is a 45% increase in part production as there is twice the capacity in the new design.