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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2020


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Dr. Craig Johnson

Second Committee Member

Professor Charles Pringle

Third Committee Member

Professor John Choi


The purpose of the Baja R/C Car is to compete in the ASME eFX competition in a series of events to prove the functionality of the vehicle. This series of events includes the Slalom, Drag, and Baja race, The Slalom is a test in the steering capability of the vehicle, the Drag is a test in the acceleration of the vehicle in a straight line, and the Baja puts all factors together in a race to test every component of the vehicle. This project is about building an R/C car that not only functions, but also has maximum performance capabilities to win the competition.

This report describes the analysis, construction, and testing evaluation of the drivetrain and steering systems of the R/C Baja Car. Collin McKenzie was responsible for the chassis and suspension portion, together the car is a complete system. The drivetrain was built with a two-gear reduction system, one at the motor to the driveshaft, and one from the drive shaft to the rear differential. The steering system was built with a high ratio servo, adjustable tie rods, and camber arms to ensure proper alignment. Lightweight material was used such as 6061 Aluminum and ABS plastic to keep weight low. An enclosed differential casing was used to allow a lubricated system.

Testing focused on the acceleration of the vehicle and the turning radius of the steering system. The testing requirements of the Baja car were to exceed a speed of 20 mph, acceleration of 17.2 ft/s2, and turning radius of 60 degrees.